It is often said, perhaps not without justification, that Indians lack a sense of their own history. Around the world, historical monuments are carefully preserved. The Ban Ganga in Walkeshwar, Malabar Hills, poses problems for considering its age as a part of real history, much as other ancient historical sites in India do.

My regiment (An artillery unit with all ranks from Maharashtra only) was to felicitate Veer-Matas, Veer-Patni’s, Veer-Narees, in addition to veterans, ex- Prisoners of Wars (POW), disabled soldiers or their next of kins.

Because of my over 60 years of very close association with my Regiment, they requested me to carry out a research with the help of serving and retired officers at Nashik and Pune to get exact details of the above mentioned personnel, their present address, health, condition to travel so on and so forth.